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(WorldKings.org) Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort, Philippines is the home to a restaurant Labassin Waterfall. The restaurant is located directly at the foot of a small man-made waterfall. The food is served on a bamboo tables, that stand right in the water.



The place is about 2.5 hours drive from the capital of the Philippines, Manila. Guests of the restaurant enjoy local food, while having their feet in the water.

The Labassin is not actually a natural waterfall, instead, it is a runoff from the Labassin Dam which is the Philippines first hydroelectric plant. But even though it’s an artificial waterfall, the experience is nothing less than reality.



The ambiance of the place is very soothing and the visitors can enjoy the soft tunes of traditional music and performances by local dancers. Apart from this, the place is also a great spot for adventurers as it is located close to many hiking trails. One can also spot many types of birds in the surrounding jungle.



Lunch is served on bamboo dining tables set in a few inches of crystalline running water from the falls so that the guests can enjoy their lunch when the water flows on their feet.It's an amazing experience. After lunch guests can even lie against the rushing water-covered wall and get wet.

Guests are also provided with some entertainment in the resort: traditional dance and music shows are often performed here. And the nature itself provides many activities: from hiking to bird watching.



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