[WORLDKINGS] Top attractive culinary destinations in the world – P10 - Au Cheval (Chicago): The place to enjoy the world's greatest three-tier beef hamburger with cheese


(WorldKings.org) In Chicago, chef Brendan Sodikoff is total restaurant royalty, with an impressively varied roster, under his Hogsalt Hospitality umbrella, that includes places like Gilt Bar, Bevette's Steak House, the food hall-esque 3 Greens Market, Doughnut Vault, and the absurdly popular Au Cheval, where you can expect to wait up to two hours to eat one of his burgers. Some call these the best burgers in America.



The restaurant's name translates literally to "on horseback," but in French diner-ese it means "with a fried egg." And there are plenty of those to go around. The Crispy Potato Hash Browns, for example, comes smothered not only with thick duck heart gravy, but there's also a runny egg on top. The Crispy Fries, too, come with an egg, as well as mornay sauce and garlic aioli. And the Chopped Salad? Slabs of bacon, tons of cheddar chunks, blue cheese dressing, and, obviously, an egg.




If you're at Au Cheval, however, you're definitely getting the burger. The "single" Cheeseburger actually has two patties, the "double" is stacked high with three, melted American at every level, the proper amount of pickles, onions, and dijonnaise completing the basic package. You can then add bacon (an extremely good idea) and/or an egg (less necessary, flavor-wise, but certainly fun and visually appealing). All burger-curious and -completists need to try this one.



Other menu highlights include Chopped Chicken Liver, served with butter and thick slices of toast; some legitimately spicy General Jane's Honey-Fried Chicken, sticky with fiery sauce; a platter piled-high with Chilaquiles; and a Fried House-Made Bologna Sandwich. The signature dessert is a towering, sugary Mille Feuille, upon which you dump a crock of hot fudge on your table. In addition to the cocktails there are more than 25 beers on tap (including Root Beer), and a handful of wines.



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