[WORLDKINGS] Top 100 founders of the companies over 100-years and still in business – P96 - James E. Casey (United States): The founder of United Parcel Service (UPS), world’s famous logistics companies with 113 years of history (1907)


(WorldKings.org) James E. Casey (March 29, 1888 – June 6, 1983) was an American businessman, known for being the founder of the American Messenger Company, today known as United Parcel Service.

Casey was born in Pick Handle Gulch near Candelaria, Nevada, the son of Irish immigrants.

In 1907, 19-year-old James Casey founded the American Messenger Company in Seattle, Washington, He served as president, CEO and chairman. Claude Ryan was his partner and his messengers were his brother George and other teenagers. His motto was "best service and lowest rates". Deliveries were made on foot, bicycle, or motorcycle.



In 1913, the American Messenger Company agreed to merge with Evert McCabe's Motorcycle Messengers. Merchants Parcel Delivery was formed and focused now on packages. Their first delivery car was a 1913 Ford Model T.

In 1919, the company expanded beyond Seattle and changed its name to United Parcel Service (UPS).



The successful businessman sought ways to help those who lacked the family life he found to be so crucial. With his brothers George and Harry and his sister Marguerite, Mr. Casey created Casey Family Programs in 1966 to help children who were unable to live with their birth parents—giving them stability and an opportunity to grow to responsible adulthood.



By the time of his death, Mr. Casey left three legacies: UPS, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and Casey Family Programs. Casey is a member of the U.S. Department of Labor Hall of Fame (since 2002) and the Logistics Hall of Fame (since 2016).

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