[WORLDKINGS] Top 100 founders of the companies over 100-years and still in business – P37 - John Dwight and Austin Church (United States) : The two founders of Church & Dwight Co. Inc, is a major American household products manufacturer with 173 years of history (1847)


(WorldKings.org) John Dwight (August 1, 1819 – November 25, 1903) and Austin Church (January 8, 1799 – August 7, 1879) were two founders of Church & Dwight Co. Inc, is a major American manufacturer of household products that is headquartered in Ewing, New Jersey. While it manufactures many items, it is best known for its Arm & Hammer line which includes baking soda and a variety of products made with it, including laundry detergent.

John Dwight was born in South Hadley, Massachusetts on August 1, 1819. His father was a medical doctor in the state of Connecticut. His mother was Lydia (White) Dwight, daughter of Captain William White, an officer in the Continental Army. Dwight attended high school at Hopkins Academy in Hadley, Massachusetts.Just before graduating from the school he received an appointment to West Point. He declined it and decided to enter into the business world instead.



Austin Church was born in East Haddam, Connecticut, on January 8, 1799. He was the son of Oliver Church, a school teacher, and Elizabeth (née Cone) Church. His mother and father died while he was still a child, leaving him an orphan with little means. However, Church was able to finish high school and put himself through Yale Medical School to become a medical doctor. He began his medical career in Utica, New York, in 1824. In 1826 he moved to and practiced in Cooperstown, New York, and in 1829 went to Ithaca, New York



Dwight moved to New York City in 1846 with his brother-in-law Austin Church. In 1847 the two entered into a partnership for the manufacture of bicarbonate of soda under the firm name of John Dwight & Company. Church was the first in the United States to devise a method of manufacturing sodium bicarbonate as an item that could be sold. Prior to this, the baking and medical product could only be bought from England as an expensive product.



Dwight and Church sold the powder product in red paper bags under the Cow Brand trademark. The firm had traveling sales agents that promoted the product. Dwight and Church packaged the product this way for hygiene and personally filled the bags. The paper bags were intentionally made in that packaging style and colorful bags to promote sales. Their competitors sold dry goods in open unhygienic kegs.

Church adopted the Arm & Hammer trademark from the Vulcan Spice Mills company that was owned by one of his sons and used it to sell baking soda (one of the uses for bicarbonate of soda). It was the same product that Cow Brand was selling as a common baked goods ingredient, especially for use in making breads and biscuits involving milk or buttermilk. Dwight continued marketing and selling the original baking product under his Cow Brand trademark and in a similar packaging style as Arm & Hammer baking soda.



Arm & Hammer baking soda dominated the market in the United States from 1873, while Cow Brand was preferred in only a few places. Both sold their product nationally by the ton for other uses, including as a cleaning ingredient, health product agent, toothpaste component, and animal feed supplement. The two firms united in 1896 into Church & Dwight Company corporation.



Today, Church & Dwight Co., Inc., is a leading consumer products company that markets numerous brands of deodorizing and household cleaning products, laundry products, and personal care products. Church & Dwight's consumer products, which account for more than 80 percent of annual sales, are sold under the brand names Arm & Hammer, Arrid, Brillo, Mentadent, Pepsodent, Close-Up, Trojan, and Nair. The company is also the world's leading producer of baking soda. Church & Dwight generates more than 90 percent of its revenue in the United States.

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