[WORLDKINGS] Top 100 famous markets in the world – P50 – Daliushu market (China): Weirdest ghost market in China


(WorldKings.org) The Daliushu ghost market in Beijing opens every Tuesday midnight as darkness falls in the Chinese capital, only to close before dawn the next day.



Few people living in Beijing have a reason to explore past the Fourth Ring Road, where newly-built high-rises replace old low-rise blocks in a flurry that seems like endless construction work and an undermining of the character those areas used to possess.



Fortunately, there are still some interesting things to be found hiding between the towers. One such example is the Daliushu Ghost Market, located by the East Fourth Ring Road.

You’ll find anything from jade jewelry, emerald bracelets, amber beads, porcelain tableware, cassette tapes, old books, vintage sunglasses, clothes, shoes, musical instruments, traditional paintings, decorations, vintage cameras, posters, calligraphy, electronic accessories, furniture, perfume, and countless other knick-knacks neatly lining the floors.

One explanation for what constitutes a ghost market dates from the decline of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) when wealthy families were watching their riches slip away from them but were too ashamed to admit it. They, therefore, chose to sell their belongings under the cover of the night instead. 




To this day, the market opens at 3am, adding a sense of mystery and adventure. Those afraid of the dark will be happy to hear that it officially shuts 12 hours later, at 3pm. Despite its early opening time, the hustle and bustle starts at around 8pm the day prior, partly because some of the vendors make long trips from surrounding provinces.




The most experienced buyers usually come during the hours of darkness – many wearing headlamps or carrying flashlights – in the hope of snapping up (purported) antiques, believing that the best deals are to be found early on. However, prices are more negotiable nearer to closing time with vendors eager to pack up and leave.



There’s one unspoken rule at the market: don’t ask the vendors where they got the item from. Not only are you unlikely to get a straight answer if you do, this tradition hangover from the ghost market’s early days, when the affluent sellers would disguise their identities and refuse to talk, wearing concealing clothing miming prices instead.



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