[WORLDKINGS] Top 100 famous markets in the world – P48 – Barkhor market (Tibet): The higest wholesale market in Asia


(WorldKings.org) Tibet has always been the place full of wonders. If you have just restored the peace of mind from the obsession with the magnificence of Potala Palace, then the Barkhor Street Market may make you stumble into another wonderful land that triggers your endless curiosity and imagination.



Every day, crows of traders and peddlers come to the Street and set up their booths to sell exquisite hand-made commodities and a great number of shops with Tibetan characteristics open for business. Gradually, Barkhor Street has been widely accepted as the most vibrant Barkhor Bazaar in Lhasa or even in Tibet.



On the street, four large incense burners (sangkangs) in the four cardinal directions with incense and aromatic plants burning constantly inside are most attractive. Locals and pilgrims burn the incense to please the Buddha protecting Jokhang Temple as well as other creatures in the city.



Moreover, Barkhor Street's amazement is far beyond your recognition. This street has been thriving for almost 1,400 years. Walking on it, the feeling is somewhat different. A mysterious feeling strikes every person setting foot on the street.



In the center, there unfolds a gigantic incense burner, flickering with incense and aromatic plants day and night, drifting the fragrant smokes throughout the air and showing all its holiness to all creatures on this land.



Barkhor Street has maintained the primitive and original style of Tibet with shops built in line close to each other and Tibetan featured booths set up in order. The whole street paved by hand-crafted stones is interspersed with some old Tibetan houses and exotic buildings.

Every corner of the Barkhor Street is filled with vibrancy, especially around the booths set by local peddlers. Shouts of street vendors, haggling bargaining of customers, chatting sounds of visitors and chanting rhymes of pilgrims are haunting around your ears. 



Prayer wheels, butter lamps, Thangkas, flags, Tibetan incense, Buddha heads, turquoise, local beef, etc. are sold everywhere. Besides, the Tibetan style house ornaments including the cushions, leather bags and handmade art wares can also be found on peddler booths at Barkhor Street, which provides a wide selection for visitors to choose as souvenirs and worldwide merchants to trade.



Shops on Barkhor Street also grabs our attention. They are basically ethnic characterized small shops with various religious articles and daily necessities. Bronze statues of Buddha, butter lamps, scriptures, prayer beads, and cypress branches are sold in some of these shops.



If you want to dress like a Tibetan, then find some boutiques selling Tibetan aprons, robes, leather bags, snuff bottles, Tibetan shoes, hats, etc. Hospitable locals never forget to serve you with their delicate snacks, yummy foods, and classic wines. High-land barley wine, sweet tea, quarks, air-dried meat are on top of the recommendation list.


According to tibettravel.org

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