[WORLDKINGS] Top 100 famous markets in the world – P12 – Tallinn market (Estonia): The best Christmas market in the world


(WorldKings.org) With over 600 searches a year for ‘Christmas in Tallinn Estonia’, Tallinn is the most popular city in Europe for people in the UK to visit over Christmas.



Tallinn is also the winner of the European Best Destinations award for Best Christmas Market in Europe 2019.

Following tradition, the Tallinn Christmas Market will be open until January 7, 2020.



In the city’s Town Hall Square, visitors will find an enormous Christmas tree, the symbol of Christmas, first put up in Estonia in 1441 – a world first.

In 2019, Tallinn is dominated by heart-shaped ornaments. These were chosen to decorate the Christmas market for a number of reasons – the heart is a symbol of love, and Christmas is probably one of the most heartfelt holidays of all.



Every year, more than half a million people visit the Tallinn Christmas Market from all over the world. For children, entertainment is provided by carousels and Santa Claus, who distributes candy in his little house to those who are good at reciting verses.



You can buy high-quality handicrafts from all sorts of nick-nacks to practical winter accessories. Domestic production is preferred in the selection of goods because it is the local flavour that adds personality to the Christmas market. Also, this year’s beautiful Christmas tree is local – grown on Rõika Street in Haabersti District.




Among the refreshments are well known Christmas dishes, like sausages and sauerkraut but also brand new ones that are perfect for Christmas time. Over the Town Hall Square drifts a spicy scent of mulled wine – this hot Christmas drink is served in a very broad assortment, with different flavours, both for children and adults.




The Christmas spirit is held up, as always, by a special cultural programme. At the weekends, different groups from both Estonia and abroad appear on the stage of the Christmas market, with around 3,000 performers appearing on the stage in all. During the Advent period, an Advent candle is lit every Sunday, and church and city leaders greet visitors.



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