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(WorldKings.org) Tuna Toss, part of the Tunarama Festival, is a tuna throwing championship held each January in Port Lincoln (SA), Australia. To win the prize money in male and female categories, competitors must fling a 10 kilogram frozen tuna as far as they can.



The famous Tuna Toss is held a part of the Tunarama Festival in Port Lincoln, South Australia, in celebration of the local fishing industry. The event was first held in 1979, and is still going strong.



The competition is to throw a tuna as far as possible. Originally, a fresh tuna fish was used. Since 2008, competitors throw a weighted, plastic tuna in the initial heats. In the finals, they use a frozen 9 or 10kg Southern Bluefin Tuna, with a rope handle threaded through its gills. No fish are killed for the competition, only undersized fish that have died naturally are used.



The most successful competitors use a hammer throwing technique, spinning several times before unleashing the tuna. The current record for the longest throw is held by Australian Olympic hammer thrower, Sean Carlin, who threw 37.23 metres in 1998. Carlin also holds the Australian hammer throw record. The women's record of 22.15m was set in 2002 by hammer thrower Brook Kruger. The winners take home $1,000, and second place wins $500.

There are also other exciting things to do at the festival, if you don't mind the smell of fish.



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