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(WorldKings.org) There are ups and downs in life, but persistence is a control engine that should always be followed. There is a city whose past filled many pages of history books. Several times he was completely destroyed, but each time it was built from the ground again and again. It refers to the city of Warsaw.

Today it is one of the most developed cities in Europe and a very popular tourist destination. No matter what kind of person you are and what your preferences and priorities, Warsaw is a place where everyone can have fun in their own way.

Although it is now a modern European city and with large steps was going forward in its development, it is difficult to remove some unpleasant pictures. Everyone gets the impression that Warsaw is still connected to the past. Warsaw is one of the cities with the most tragic history of the world. Several times it was destroyed to the ground and its population faced with disappointments, but it was persistent on other hand.

Because this place always rises from the ashes is also called and known as “Phoenix City”. From the rebuilt historic areas in the Old Town to the striking Castle Square to the Royal Route which leads from the Royal Castle to the Wilanow Royal Palace, the city has a wealth of historic monuments, churches, and palaces. Many of the city’s culturally significant buildings have been rebuilt as a true representation of the original structures.

Wilanow Royal Palace

As a center of culture, Warsaw also has a large number of impressive museums. The Warsaw Uprising Museum and the Museum of the History of the Polish Jews deal with some of the calamities that befell the city. The Historical Museum of Warsaw documents the city’s history with artifacts from people’s everyday lives and by recreating old buildings. The Museum of Modern Art, the Chopin Museum, the Center for Modern Art, and the National Museum in Warsaw will appeal to art and music lovers. Science buffs will enjoy the Copernicus Science Center and the Heavens of Copernicus, one of Europe’s most modern planetariums.

National Museum in Warsaw

The Palace of Culture and Science is the tallest building in Poland and the 8th tallest building in the European Union. Completed in 1955, this distinctive yet controversial building was a “gift” from the Soviet people. Its unique architectural mix of Stalinist architecture and American Art Deco skyscrapers makes it an iconic landmark and the building today is home to many organizations such as cinemas, theatres, universities, and the Polish Academy of Sciences. The Museum of Evolution and the Museum of Technology are also located in this unique structure.

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