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(WorldKings.org) Colombia is home to 17 Colombian heritage towns and, for many, the small town of Jardin, Antioquia, is one of the best places. This colorful and traditional town is nestled in the rolling hills of the Colombian coffee district, captivating visitors with its natural marvels and coffee-growing culture.


La Cueva del Esplendor

This beautiful and unique cave is one of the top tourist attractions in Jardin and is a popular day trip from the town. About a three-hour hike from the town, or a shorter horse ride, the cave is much more than just a cave: a stream has eroded a hole in the cave roof and a waterfall now falls directly through the cave roof into a pool in the darkness. It’s a surreal yet beautiful sight.

Drink Lots of Coffee

Jardin is a coffee town in one of Colombia’s most important coffee-growing regions, so it stands to reason that the coffee here is really rather good.

People-Watch in the Plaza

If there were an award for the best plaza in Colombia, Jardin might well take the gold. The architecture is beautiful, but the thing that really sets this plaza apart is all the seating: unlike many squares in Colombia, Jardin’s plaza is filled with little tables and chairs, making it a wonderful spot to enjoy a coffee by day, and a beer by night, and watch the locals ride horses along the cobbled streets.

See the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

Jardin’s impressive and imposing church is one of the loveliest in Colombia: a towering neo gothic temple, it was, rather amazingly, built entirely from hand-carved stone that was quarried in the hills around the town in 1872. Towering, as it does, over the main square, it’s basically impossible to miss, but take the time to wander around its impressive interior.

Ride the Cable Cars

There are two cable cars in Jardin, one on either side of the town. Both offer beautiful panoramic views of the town and the surrounding mountains, but one is a touch more unique than the other: La Garrucha cable car is an old wooden gondola, operated by a mechanical pulley system. It can be a hair-raising ride, but the experience is one of a kind, and not to be missed.


Jardin is famous for its wonderful birdwatching, and the best part is that you don’t even have to be a hardcore birder to enjoy the sight of beautiful tropical birds: just a five-minute walk outside the town is an observatory where you can see wild Andean cock-of-the-rock, easily one of the most colorful and unique birds in the world. They gather every day at dawn and dusk to display for potential mates, and seeing them is a truly unique experience.

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