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(WorldKings.org) The Tokaj Wine Region is home to some of Hungary's most beloved varieties of wine. The region is spread over a romantic landscape of cellar labyrinths, vines and slopes, nestled at the foothills of the Zemplén Mountains. Its winemaking history dates back over a thousand years.

A highlight of any visit to the Tokaj region is a visit to the charming and fascinating little Swabian village of Hercegkút, and its unique cellar system.

Swabians—who settled here in the 18th century from the Black Forest in Germany—had a major role in the evolution of viticulture in Hercegkút. Wine made here was matured and stored in barrels in the caves of Gomboshegy and Kőporos, which were carved in Rhyolite tufa lying on the outskirts of the village.

Cellar 92 of Gomboshegy and cellar 87 of Kőporos are part of the World Heritage site—and masterpieces of folk architecture. The hillside cellars, with their distinctive triangular entrances, can be seen from town and the surrounding area, and are reminiscent of hobbit holes.

Kálvária Hill rises up over the Gomboshegy cellar row, and you can follow a sacred route up to a chapel with an intimate atmosphere and beautiful view of the town and the Zemplén Mountains in the distance.

In the charming town, The Kőporos cellars have a truly authentic atmosphere. Throughout the town there are several local winemakers who love to share their outstanding Tokaj liquids with interested and thirsty visitors.

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