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(WorldKings.org) Hohenschwangau is a small village in Bavaria that is probably one of the most visited in the country. The reason visitors are drawn here is its resident sleeping beauty-like castle, the Schloss Neuschwanstein.

The Schwangauer village is old, with a special tradition that still exists today. Some of the farmhouses are up to 600 years old and have survived many storms at that time. In earlier times, three generations lived in the house together. One could call the old farmhouses beauties to fall in love with.

Not only flowers but the most diverse of herbs, healing plants and vegetables are planted with much love to nature and by the tradition of old farm methods.

Being a "farmer" is an honor in Schwangau. Since the time when Karl Hirnbein brought the soft cheese production to the Allgäu, he freed his fellow countrymen from extreme poverty. Cows and their owners became important landscape nurses. They ensured the conservation of species in rich alpine meadows, which would otherwise have developed into woodland.

The Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most visited castles in Germany and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, also known as the “Fairytale King”. The Neuschwanstein Castle looks like a fairytale castle. Neuschwanstein is a castle of the paradox, it was built in the 19th century in Bavaria, in a time when castles no longer had strategical and defensive purposes.

While Neuschwanstein’s look is that of a medieval castle, it was equipped inside with state of the art technology at that time. For example on every floor of the castle, there were toilets with an automatic flushing system, as well as an air heating system for the whole castle. Water was supplied by a nearby spring situated at only 200 meters above the castle.

Neuschwanstein’s positioning is also a fairytale one. It is located in the Alps in Bavaria, Germany, in a magnificent landscape, on the top of a hill. Neuschwanstein overlooks the Hohenschwangau valley. If you come to visit this castle, you will be amazed by the extremely beautiful landscape that surrounds it.

This fairytale look of the Neuschwanstein castle inspired Walt Disney to create the Magic Kingdom. Today, Neuschwanstein is the most visited castle in Germany, and one of the most popular tourist destination in the world. Every year over 1.300.000 people cross its gate.

According to en.schwangau.de

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