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(WorldKings.org) Marseille combines the vanity of the big cities and the sociability of the fishing villages.


It is a city that locals love or love to hate, and that foreigners often avoid because of its reputation as a crime. But in recent years, the second-largest city in France (by its population) has attracted Parisians in search of more sun and less agitation and travelers looking south of France beyond the brilliant French Riviera.

Marseille is not made of monumental curiosities, but simple things: outdoor terraces, the art of the street, an aperitif of fortune in one of its many small ports with feet in the water.

Spend some time in the Bohemian enclave of Vauban, the hausmannian calm of Longchamp, the rising Chave, and the vibrant scene of the Cours Julien bar. Take your bearings at the Old Port, then start exploring.

Plan on good walking shoes. You will need them to navigate the wobbly sidewalks, scattered hills, and stairs that burn thighs all over the city. The best way to discover Marseille is to stroll along the winding streets, observe people, and be bombarded by the constant buzz of scooters.

The most visited monument and the highest point in Marseille, the Byzantine Romanesque Notre-Dame de la Garde basilica is surmounted by a 36-foot high beacon visible from all over the city: a statue of the Virgin and Child in gold.

Marseille is famous all over the world for its Bouillabaisse. The famous fish soup of Marseille jumped on the shark. Aggressive marketing has pushed up its cost to 60-100 euros. The high price tag contradicts its roots as the humble stew of fish leftovers and goes against the popular (working class) ethos of the city. Locals rarely eat or cook bouillabaisse – the traditional version takes more than a day to prepare – for special occasions. What they eat from the sea are grilled and spicy sardines, raw red sea urchins and brackish oysters, and the many species of calamari served in the Provençal sauteed with garlic, parsley and generous glasses of ‘olive oil.

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