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(WorldKings.org) Vágar island is the third largest island in the Faroe Islands. The island lies in the western part of the archipelago. Vágar island is home to 50 mountains which are all quite easy to climb.

There are six villages on the island: Sørvágur, Bøur, Gásadalur, Sandavágur, Miðvágur, and Vatnsoyrar. Gásadalur is the smallest settlement on the island with only 10 people living there. Miðvágur and Sørváur are the largest villages and they are similar in size with just over 1000 inhabitants in each village.


The seaside is rugged and there is a large bay on the southeast side of the island, which divides further into two bays Miðvágur and Sandavágur. On the western side lies the deep fjord Sørvágsfjørður.

You will find the valley Klovin in the middle of the island. In this valley lies the largest and second-largest lakes in the Faroe Islands: Leitisvatn, also known as Sørvágsvatn and Vatnið, and the lake Fjallavatn. There is also a large pond between these lakes named Tjørnin í Ennið.


There are several skerries and large sea stacks along the shoreline. Just east of Sandavágur lies Trøllkonufingur which towers 313 metres out of the ocean. The Faroe Islanders have some old legends about this remarkable rock formation.

On the west side of the Sørvágsfjørður fjord lies two large islets, Gáshólmur, which is 65 metres, and Tindhólmur, which is 262 metres. Between Tindhólmur and Vágar lies the sea stacks Drangarnir; the larger one being the most famous due to its impressive mesmerizing sea arch.

Vágar island is a reasonably grassy terrain. In the deep valley Klovin, you will find good agricultural land both north of Lake Fjallavatn and between Fjallavatn and Lake Leitisvatn (Sørvágsvatn). Suðurtriðingur, which is the land by Vágar Airport, is also flat and beautiful.

When looking at the landscape, you will also notice that the island is quite round-shaped and hence a great place for horseback riding. The mountains are most round-shaped and soft in the outlying fields in Sandavágur towards the Vestmannasund strait.

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