This Singaporean vinyl collector has over 8,000 records


( Music is how Singaporean vinyl enthusiast CK Teo bonds with his loved ones – the old-school way.

For audiophiles, there is little else that can compare with the rich sound quality of vinyl discs when it comes to enjoying music recordings.

Even though there are now newer forms of digital music, there is still a demand for analogue sounds.

“I don’t think vinyl is dead – it has never been. There are still people who love the magic behind the analogue sound,” said entrepreneur CK Teo, who has amassed a collection of over 8,000 vinyl records over the past decade.

“I feel vinyls give a wider dynamic range typically. The warm sound that the vinyl creates is something that is very special. You can get more punch.”

His lifelong passion for music began at a young age when he first began listening to music on his father’s cassette tapes as a child.

“I still remember that magical moment when I first explored my dad’s mini compo and his cassette tapes. The first time I played an 80s compilation cassette tape, I was blown away by the melodies and the catchy tunes,” recalled Teo.

Since then, he has developed a strong interest in music and has spent a lifetime exploring the world of sound. Even when he was a teenager making mixtapes on a cassette player, he had already begun to harbour a dream of building a vinyl record collection.

Over three decades later, Teo finally achieved this childhood dream when he custom-designed a record room in his home complete with temperature control to keep the vinyls in good condition and floor to ceiling retractable shelves to house his records.

His library comprises records ranging from the more common 12-inch vinyls to the rarer 3-inch versions.

Xiang Yun (Editor) - World Records Union (WorldKings)

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