The world’s largest collection of clown figurines (USA)


( The world’s largest collection of clown figurines is on display at the 31-room Clown Motel in Tonopah, one of Travel Nevada’s “Seven Weirdest Wonders.



A collection of more than 2,000 clown figurines from all corners of the globe, of course. It all started in 1985 when Leona and Leroy David built this motel in memory of their father, Clarence David—a clown lover who left a collection of 150 clowns in his home. The David siblings decided to use them as the theme and focal point of their motel in memory of their father.


Guests will come face to face with thousands of clowns adorning the shelves of the motel lobby at check-in, and all 31 rooms feature two to three custom clown art pieces. If you’re looking for a possible otherworldly experience, consider requesting a stay in rooms 108, 111, 210, and 214. Spirited or not, any room you book will come complete with a TV, fridge, microwave, and AC/heat.


The Clown Motel is situated directly next to the historic Old Tonopah Cemetery, entombing many of Tonopah’s earliest silver mine workers who died in a tragic mining accident—the Belmont Mine Fire of 1911. Along with its obvious clown theme, The Clown Motel has been named “America’s Scariest Motel” due to its proximity to the Tonopah cemetery grounds and featured on Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures.” Be sure to check out a Tonopah Ghost Walk if you’re in town for this special event, typically held during the summer months. 




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