Greatest road trips in the world (P.23) Combe Laval: A scenic balcony road in France


( Famous for its route carved into the cliff, the Combe Laval route winds its way through the magnificent cirque - a titanic 4 km deep cut that dominates Royannais.

Combe Laval route is among the most scenic and magnificent balcony roads running through the heart of the French Alps. The trail is cut into the giant cliffs between the Col de la Machine and St-Jean-en-Royans and delivers a fair balance between adrenaline and fascination.

The picturesque mountain drive stands at an altitude between 253 m and 1015 m. Nowadays, a vibrant tourist destination, the road was initially built between 1861 and 1898 to expedite the transportation of wood and increase the profits of the local forestry industry.

The tunnels, peaks, and views along the way are all stunning and genuinely uncountable. At its highest point, the balcony road overlooks the Orthodox Monastery, presenting one of the worthiest landscapes in France and Europe.

Due to its magnificent panorama, the Combe Laval Circus is preserved as a classified site. It depicts the mighty beauty of nature and the strength of the human spirit that managed to tame the wilderness and make it all accessible.

The road is accessible for both drivers and cyclists. It is sometimes closed during harsh weather conditions for reasons concerning safety. Logically, you should probably plan your ride during summertime when the trail is dry and firm since rain and snowfalls won’t do any good for you.

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