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(worlkings.org) The railway route from Tehran to Sari, Iran, is one of the most beautiful railway routes in Iran. This journey is so captivating and beautiful that even foreign tourists choose to take the train from Tehran to Sari to witness this wonderful route instead of flying.

Tehran, the capital of Iran, and Sari, a city located in Mazandaran province, are two popular destinations for tourists visiting Iran. A journey from Tehran to Sari by train is an exciting experience, allowing travelers to admire the diverse landscapes and stunning scenery of Iran.

Tehran-Sari Train Route (1)

On the Tehran-Sari route, there are 24 different stations, and after passing through Garmsar station, you can see the most beautiful parts of this railway line. As the train passes the "White Bridge," passengers enter the northern forest area and can observe the Lafour Dam and Javarem Forest Park. Another landmark visible on the Tehran-Sari route is the "Varsak" bridge, 86 meters long and 110 meters high. Built between 1933 and 1936, the bridge represents an engineering masterpiece and is an icon of the Iranian railway.

The "Gadook" tunnel is another highlight that passengers can observe on the Tehran-Sari route. This tunnel is 2,887 meters long and is known as the longest tunnel in Iran.

Thus, the railway route from Tehran to Sari is not just a journey of movement but also an exciting experience, opening the door to explore the beauty of Iran.

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