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(worldkings.org) The train journey from Palembang to Lampung is an exciting voyage through breathtaking landscapes. Palembang, a major city in southern Sumatra, Indonesia, is renowned for the Ampera Bridge and bustling shopping streets. Lampung, a province in southern Sumatra, is famous for its natural reserves and beautiful beaches.

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The journey begins from the Kertapati Station in Palembang, a large and historic train station operating since 1914. Situated near the confluence of the Ogan and Musi rivers, this station offers a picturesque view right from the start of the journey. The train departs in the early morning, allowing passengers to witness the sunrise over Sumatra's vast grasslands. Covering a distance of approximately 280 kilometers, the journey lasts from 9 to 10 hours, passing through 40 train stations on the Palembang - Bandar Lampung railway line.


As the train passes through small villages, passengers can catch glimpses of the locals' daily lives. Quaint wooden houses, lush green rice fields, and serene rivers paint a vibrant picture of life in Sumatra.

Continuing through tropical forests, passengers can witness Indonesia's biodiversity. Lucky travelers might spot some wild animals such as monkeys, birds, and even deer.

After a long journey, the train finally arrives at the Tanjung Karang Station in Lampung, a bustling hub in the province. Here, passengers can enjoy the sunset over the sea before disembarking.

Tanjung Karang

Lampung welcomes visitors with its beautiful beaches, natural reserves, and delicious local cuisine. One of the most popular destinations in Lampung is Teluk Kiluan, a top-notch seaside tourist spot in Indonesia.

The train journey from Palembang to Lampung not only offers passengers insights into culture and cuisine but also provides an opportunity to explore Indonesia's magnificent natural beauty.

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