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(worldkings.org) The SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen train is an indispensable icon of winter tourism in Kushiro, Japan. This train runs through the snowy landscapes of Kushiro. If you're lucky, you might catch glimpses of red-crowned cranes and Ezo deer from the train windows.

The SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen train operates in January and February every year. The basic fare for a one-way trip from Kushiro to Shibecha is 1,290 yen. This is one of the most difficult trains to book in Japan due to its popularity, so it's recommended to make reservations in advance at a cost of 1,680 yen. On the train, there is a guide, and you can also purchase souvenirs of the SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen train at the onboard counter.


The interior of the train retains its classic appearance with wooden box seats and even heating and grilling stoves at classic spots for passengers to roast and enjoy dried seafood sold on the train. Savoring grilled scallops with a hot cup of sake amidst the snowy scenery is truly unmatched.

All set to ride the

In 2022, cars number 1 and 5 were renovated into "Tancho Cars". Counter seats are installed facing the river and box seats facing the mountains. The box seats are raised one level higher than the counter seats so that everyone can enjoy the view of the Kushiro River and its surroundings.

There is a lecture about nature!

The SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen train not only provides tourists with a unique travel experience but also helps them gain a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and nature.

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