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(worldkings.org) The Sunrise Express, the only overnight sleeper train still operating daily in Japan, is a wonderful experience for those who want to explore the land of the rising sun in a special way.

Dubbed as the "train overlooking the ocean," the Sunrise Express offers travelers the opportunity to experience traveling on the railway connecting Japan's two largest cities, Tokyo and Osaka, in a comfortable and modern space.

Riding the Sunrise Express – Sarah Hozumi

The train journey starts from Tokyo station at 10:00 PM. The Sunrise Express consists of 14 cars, but upon reaching Okayama station, it will be split into two smaller train groups, each with 7 cars. These are the Sunrise Seto and Sunrise Izumo. The names of the train cars are based on their next destination, so passengers should take note of this split to avoid confusion or boarding the wrong car.

The Sunrise Seto heads towards Takamatsu, while its "twin sister" - Sunrise Izumo - heads towards Izumoshi. On the return journey, these two train groups will run separately until they meet again at Okayama junction, where they will "merge" and continue straight back to Tokyo.

Sunrise Express: Legendärer Nachtzug in Japan

The Sunrise Express runs nightly from Tokyo, arriving at Takamatsu at 7:27 AM and Izumoshi at 9:58 AM. As the sun rises, passengers wake up to find the train pulling into the station.

Riding the Sunrise Express – Sarah Hozumi

Inside the train cars, there are two types of rooms for passengers to choose from: cabin rooms or dorm rooms. The cabin rooms are divided into five different types: Single Deluxe, Sunrise Twin, Single Twin, Single, and Solo, catering to the privacy needs of passengers. This allows passengers to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside as they travel through the prefectures and cities of Japan.

Sunrise Express Overnight Sleeper Train Tokyo to Takamatsu, Shikoku, Japan - Travel Dave

Additionally, the Sunrise Express has on-board shower rooms to serve passengers who need overnight accommodations on the train. The Deluxe class room includes shower tickets, each ticket allowing 6 minutes of shower time. Furthermore, the Sunrise Express also has vending machines on board for passengers who didn't have time to purchase food before boarding. For the Deluxe class, passengers are provided with a complimentary amenity kit including bedding, lotion and toothpaste, towels and soap, along with the Deluxe shower ticket (free of charge).

Sunrise Express - Free Overnight Train For JR Pass Holders

The journey on the Sunrise Express train is not just about transportation, but also a unique travel experience. Travelers can admire the beautiful landscapes of Japan, from picturesque seaside towns to lush green valleys of the changing seasonal mountains. Especially memorable is the journey through the landscape around Mount Fuji in the early morning sunrise.

What's special is that the Sunrise Express runs on routes to famous tourist destinations such as Hakone, Kobe, and Kyoto. This allows travelers to combine their train journey with visits to popular tourist spots and experience the unique culture of Japan.

Sunrise Express: Discover rural destinations with Japan's last regularly-operating sleeper train - Japan Today

With quality service, comfortable space, and unique travel experiences, the journey on the Japanese Sunrise Express train will be an unforgettable memory and enrich the exploration of the land of the rising sun.

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