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(worldkings.org) Imagine yourself sitting on a train, looking out the window, and before you lies the vast expanse of the East Sea. That's the experience the train journey from Gangneung to Chuam in South Korea offers.

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Travelers need to catch a train from central Seoul to Gangneung before boarding the East Coast Sea Train here. Gangneung is a city located in Gangwon Province, eastern South Korea, famous for its stunning beaches such as Gyeongpo Beach and Anmok Beach.

From Gangneung Station, we embark on a journey to Chuam. The serene atmosphere of the station, with the sound of departure bells, creates an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.

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As the train begins to roll, the scene from the train window gradually unfolds, attracting every gaze. The deep blue sea with gentle waves intertwining with distant mountain ranges and pine forests creates a harmonious and perfect natural picture.

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On this train journey, travelers are not just passengers but also explorers discovering the beauty of the East Sea. Every step on the train is an opportunity to chat with locals, listen to stories about the land, and learn more about its culture and history. The front cars are equipped with seats facing the windows for passengers to enjoy the scenery, while the rear cars are for groups of passengers with facing seats.

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The train will stop at three other stations: Jeongdongjin, Mukho, and Donghae. You can get off at any of these stations, but you will need to purchase another ticket if you want to continue to the next station.

Soak up the serenity of the East Sea's scenes

After an emotional journey, the train finally arrives at Chuam Bay. This is one of the most beautiful destinations on the northeast coast of South Korea. Travelers can visit famous tourist spots such as Chuam Pass, Rock Mok, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Chuam Beach.

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With its majestic scenery, unique cuisine, and close connection with nature, this is a journey not to be missed for anyone who loves to explore and discover the beauty of the natural world.

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