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(Worldkings.org) Amidst the stunning mountain ranges of Japan, the train journey from Unazuki Station to Keyakidaira Station along the Kurobe Gorge railway during autumn is an exquisite experience, offering travelers a glimpse of the marvelous beauty of the characteristic autumn landscape in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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From Unazuki Station, the long and slender train embarks on its journey along the riverside route of the Kurobe River, passing through fragrant forests and vibrant crimson oak groves. The vivid hues of foliage, from the shimmering gold of ginkgo trees to the warm reds of maple, paint a vivid artistic tableau that only autumn can provide.

Ride the Kurobe Gorge Railway

Passengers have the choice between two types of train cars, with or without windows; the latter being classified as first class and commanding a higher fare. However, for those who cherish nature and wish to immerse themselves fully in the atmosphere of the surroundings, the regular windowless seats often prove to be the preferred choice.

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During the journey, one can feel the fresh and tranquil air of the mountain forests, accompanied by the sounds of flowing streams and distant bird calls. Occasionally, wisps of clouds drifting past the mountain peaks create a mystical and captivating scene.

As the train ascends to the highest point, Keyakidaira Station situated at an elevation of 872 meters above sea level, the view becomes expansive and breathtaking. Stretching before the eyes is a pristine landscape of the Tateyama mountain range, adorned with fiery red maple trees and fields of golden-hued grass from Japanese silver grass or daisies.

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Here, travelers can disembark to explore the surrounding mountains, visit famous tourist spots such as the Dionysus suspension bridge and Lake Okukane.

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For those who seek adventure, activities like mountain climbing, trekking, or guided tours offer opportunities to delve deeper into the culture and history of the region.

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Whether you decide to linger at Keyakidaira Station to further explore the area or continue the journey deeper into the mountain gorge, the trip from Unazuki to Keyakidaira during autumn remains an extraordinary experience, blending the journalistic narrative with poetic descriptions of the breathtaking scenery.

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