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(Worldkings.org) The Monkey Train, an icon of Deogarh, Rajasthan, India, has become an indispensable part of the daily lives of the locals. The train has been in continuous operation since 1930, as a joint project between the Maharaja of Jodhpur and the Maharana of Udaipur.

An unmissable experience in Rajasthan is the 90-minute local train ride from Phulad to Khamblighat. This little-known train is located about 2 hours from Mana Hotels in Ranakpur. Starting from Phulad station and ending at Khambli Ghat station, the 90-minute journey gives passengers a taste of the history of the area alongside stunning views of the Aravallis mountain range. If you're lucky, you might even spot some wild animals like deer and peacocks, which is also the reason why people call the Monkey Train a Train Safari.


The train travels through one of India's roughest mountains: the Aravalli range, with the help of some remarkable British engineering that has remained intact since 1835! Although few people know about this train, the government is planning to develop Monkey Train into a tourist train. Therefore, more and more foreign tourists, specifically French ones, are crowded into Phulad station, where the journey over the mountains begins.

Breathtaking views of the Aravalli Mountains and the countryside at their foothills

This is one of the highest railway lines in the western Indian railway system. The scenery is very impressive and does not change constantly. There is a combination of steep hills, flowing water and plains.

In pictures: Wonders of India's Aravalli mountain range | Times of India Travel

The journey passes through some of the harshest and wildest terrain yet is picturesque as the train passes through a relatively unexplored part of Rajasthan.

train safari train ride

The train is called Monkey Train for a very special reason. The monkeys here seem to know what time the train arrives, so they gather at the train station to be fed by passengers. Sometimes, they even board the train with guests! This created a fun and interesting atmosphere for the trip.

They are quite friendly and relaxed, eating cookies and sipping cool drinks that visitors give them.


Monkey Train is not only an important means of transport for the locals, but is also a part of the cultural and historical heritage of Rajasthan. The train gives visitors a rare opportunity to experience the daily life of the Indian people, as well as the beautiful scenery of this land.

The Monkey Train in Deogarh, with its amazing views and unique experiences, is sure to be a memorable journey for anyone lucky enough to experience it. This is a trip not to be missed when you visit India.

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