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(Worldkings.org) The Seven Stars Kyushu is Japan's first luxury tourist train, launched in 2013. The train carries a maximum of 23 passengers per trip, creating a quiet and friendly space.

Seven Stars Kyushu is not just a train ride, but also a unique travel experience, connecting passengers with the soul of Kyushu Island. The train has a retro style, creating a luxurious and cozy space, helping passengers feel the traditional beauty of Japan.

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Experience On The Train

Seven Stars Kyushu Japan

The Seven Stars train consists of 7 carriages, including a dining car, a relaxation car, and 5 passenger cars. Most of the interior is made of precious wood materials such as rosewood and teak, with meticulous design down to every detail. The train floor is made from walnut wood, the windows are engraved with images of various birds and flowers. The bedrooms are fully equipped, providing maximum comfort for passengers.

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The restaurant on the train serves special dishes of Kyushu, helping passengers explore the unique culinary culture of this land. On the third day, tourists have the opportunity to experience making bento boxes with carefully selected ingredients that have been dried for many years before use.

JR Kyushu raising rate for Seven Stars train - The Japan Times

Explore Kyushu Through The Train Window

The Seven Stars train runs along a 3,000 km route through Kyushu. When the train starts its journey, the scenery outside the window gradually appears like a vivid painting. First is the city of Fukuoka, with modern high-rise buildings interspersed with ancient temples, creating a harmonious scene between modernity and tradition.

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The train continues its journey, leading passengers through lush green fields, where cherry blossoms bloom, creating a scene like a painting. Next is the Aso volcano, with the snow-covered mountain peak, bringing a majestic and magnificent scene.

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Finally, the train stops at Beppu, famous for its hot springs. Thin steam rises from the stream, the water pool, making the scenery become mystical and poetic.

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Each window on the train brings a different scene, from the majesty of Aso volcano, to the peaceful beauty of cherry blossom fields, and the relaxation from Beppu hot springs.

Interact with locals: At each stop, tourists will be welcomed by local people with events prepared specifically for passengers on the train.

To participate in this interesting train ride, passengers must contact the Seven Stars Kyushu unit directly on their official website or call the train's hotline. Because each trip is meticulously prepared, the waiting time, whether long or short, will not disappoint you.

What It's Like to Ride the Seven Stars Kyushu—Japan's Version of the Orient Express | Condé Nast Traveler

Seven Stars Kyushu is not just a trip, but a journey to explore the culture, history, and natural beauty of Kyushu. This will definitely be a memorable experience for anyone who loves travel and wants to learn more about Japan.


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