(Asia Records Institute - ASRI) Top Asia's Must Train Trips of a Lifetime (P02) Beijing to Mongolia - THE Train Trip That Connects 3 Nations


(Worldkings.org) The K23 train journey from Beijing to Mongolia starts every 7:27AM Tuesday on the Trans-Siberian/Mongolian railway is a colorful and fascinating journey that you should hop on once in your life.

K3/4, K23/24: Ulaanbaatar to Beijing Trains, Schedules, Tickets

From the bustling streets of Beijing, we begin our journey through the lush fields and majestic mountains of China. As the train crosses the China-Mongolia border, the landscape changes from rocky mountains; the fleeting sight of the Great Wall, to vast grasslands, endless pebble fields. This is where the vast steppe, where wild horses run like the wind on the green fields.

After leaving the Mongolian border, the train continues its journey through the small towns of Mongolia. Passengers can see the traditional houses of the Mongols, called "ger", scattered across the steppe.

Mongolia's traditional houses, also called "ger"


As the train enters the depths of Mongolia, the landscape becomes wilder. The vast grasslands are now replaced by sand dunes and the Gobi Desert. Under the sunlight, the deep blue sky over the desert is like a vibrant oil painting. The golden sand shines under the sun, creating a vast and desolate panorama.

The Enigmatic Beauty of the Mongolian Gobi Desert

From afar, you can see the small sand dunes, they are like small mountain peaks in the heart of the desert. The landscape around the train changes constantly, from areas of fine white sand to areas of rocks and pebbles.

On Board the Dream-like Trans-Mongolian Train - My Travel Backpack
As the train passes, the train horn sounds, cutting through the quiet space of the desert.


Finally, the train ends in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. This city is a perfect combination of tradition and modernity, with ancient temples standing next to skyscrapers.

A Collaboration for a Flourishing Ulaanbaatar - The Hague Academy

The train journey from Beijing to Mongolia on the Trans-Siberian railway is not just a journey, but also a journey of exploring the culture, history, and wonderful landscapes of these two countries. This will certainly be a memorable experience for anyone lucky enough to participate.


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