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(Worldkings.org) Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of China, is not only famous for its glorious history and unique culture, but also serves as the starting point for many legendary railway lines. Among them, the train journey from Beijing to Tibet, bearing the number #Z21 on the world's highest railway line, has become one of the unmissable train journeys.

The #Z21 train starts from Beijing, passes through the stunning landscapes of China, and ends in Lhasa. The railway line connects Beijing with the region known as the "roof of the world" - Tibet.


This is a unique journey that allows travelers to explore the pristine beauty of Tibet right from the train window. With 7 stops passing by 8 provinces, the journey takes travelers through routes and sceneries ranging from magnificent to pristine,poetic to majestic.

Beijing To Lhasa - A Train Journey To The Top Of The World

The train crosses vast grasslands, snow-covered Kunlun Mountains, and towering bridges. Travelers can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Tibet through the window while enjoying the comfortable and convenient space on the train.

Biggest Mistake People Make about the Tibet Train (2023)


What's more, the train will travel on the Qinghai - Tibet Railway,the world's highest railway line and a symbol of China's technological progress. Since this journey takes you to the highest place in the world, you'll need oxygen mask which will be prepared by the train service. This is also counted as an interesting experience by most customers ventured on this train.

The 1,686-meter-long tunnel through the Kunlun Mountains is the world's longest tunnel through permafrost.


The Beijing - Lhasa train journey is not just a journey, but an unforgettable experience. It is a testament to China's remarkable development in the field of transportation and technology.

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