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(worldkings.org) National Palace (also known as Palacio Nacional) is an iconic historical building located in the heart of Mexico City. Situated in the Zócalo, the main square of the city, the palace stands as a symbol of Mexico's rich history and culture. It serves as the official residence of the President of Mexico and is also home to various government offices.

The National Palace (Spanish: Palacio Nacional) is the seat of the federal executive in Mexico. Since 2018 it has also served as the official residence for the President of Mexico. It is located on Mexico City's main square, the Plaza de la Constitución (El Zócalo). This site has been a palace for the ruling class of Mexico since the Aztec Empire, and much of the current palace's building materials are from the original one that belonged to the 16th-century leader Moctezuma II.



Used and classified as a government building, the National Palace, with its red tezontle facade, fills the entire east side of the Zócalo, measuring over 200 metres (660 ft) long. It is home to some of the offices of both the Federal Treasury and the National Archives.

National Palace holds great significance for Mexico. Firstly, it serves as the seat of the Mexican government and is where the President carries out official duties. The palace also houses the famous Diego Rivera murals, which depict Mexico's history and cultural heritage. These murals are considered national treasures and attract art enthusiasts from around the world. Furthermore, National Palace is a symbol of Mexico's resilience and national identity. It stands as a testament to the country's rich history, from its indigenous roots to its colonial past and eventual independence. The palace represents the unity and strength of the Mexican people.



Visitors to Palacio Nacional can explore the stunning architecture and admire the intricate details of the building's façade. The palace features beautiful courtyards with lush gardens and fountains, providing a tranquil escape from the bustling city.



One of the main highlights of the palace is the Diego Rivera murals. Spanning several floors, these murals depict significant events and figures from Mexican history, showcasing Rivera's unique artistic style and social commentary. In addition to the murals, visitors can also explore the Presidential Apartments, which offer a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of Mexico's leaders. The Sala de Recepciones (Reception Room) and the Salón de Embajadores (Ambassadors' Room) are particularly noteworthy for their grandeur and historical significance.

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