12 crazy concept cars already unveiled in 2017 P.1


(WorldKings) The Geneva Motor Show opened to the public Thursday, which means a host of new, wild concept cars. Concept cars allow automakers to experiment with new designs without worrying about sales and, often, practicality. It's a way for companies to experiment with the future of mobility and figure out which features to incorporate in production cars of the future.

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    James Cameron announces another 'Avatar 2' delay, won't come out in 2018


    (WorldKings) Avatar fans are going to have to wait beyond 2018 to see Avatar 2 in theaters.Director James Cameron said the anticipated sequel to his 2009 hit will miss the planned release date set for Christmas next year.

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    10 Most Groundbreaking Undertakings in Space Exploration


    (WorldKings) Since the beginning of our species, we have looked upwards into the sky trying to find answers. The earliest humans saw the celestial bodies as symbols of the gods and attributed their names to the bits of light. We have come a long way since then, having sent spacecraft out into the darkness and even stepping foot on our closest neighbor. Every undertaking brings a new piece of the puzzle back home and it is humanity’s curiosity that continues to fuel our journey for answers. The endeavors of the NASA, ISRO, JAXA, ESA, CNSA, and RFSA account for some of the most brilliant exploration missions ever conducted.

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    Vietnam's Budget Airline Founder Is Southeast Asia's Only Woman Billionaire


    (WorldKings) Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, CEO of Vietnamese budget carrier VietJet Air, has an estimated net worth of 1.8 billion.

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    'Robocar' - the world's first AI electric racer


    (WorldKings) Automotive innovator Roborace has unveiled the design for the world's first self-driving, electric-powered race car.

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    10 Most Anticipated Horror Films in 2017


    (WorldKings) With the world getting crazier every day, people flock to the theaters for any escape. Their genre of choice to escape the world’s horrors is incidentally, horror. Some scary movies have already debuted at festivals with raving reviews, and some are just waiting to be released in theaters. Nonetheless, these 10 films are anticipated to be new classics within the genre.

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    The Most Powerful Women 2016


    (WorldKings) Who are the world’s most powerful women this year? They are the smartest and toughest female business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, philanthropists and CEOs making their mark in the world today. They’re women who are building billion-dollar brands, calling the shots in the financial markets, and crisscrossing the globe to broker international agreements and provide aid.

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    [The 30 richest people on earth] P.1


    (WorldKings) The wealthiest 30 people in the world control a staggering portion of the world economy: 1.23 trillion — more than the annual GDP of Spain, Mexico, or Turkey.

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    Vast lake of molten carbon discovered under western US


    (WorldKings) Scientists have discovered a huge reservoir of molten carbon deep beneath the western U.S.

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    Life Span of South Korean Women Is Headed Toward 90


    ( WorldKings) Life spans in the world’s wealthiest countries will continue to increase in the future, and women in South Korea may be the first to live longer than 90 years on average, a new study has found.

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