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7 Everyday Foods That Just Happen To Be Poisonous


(Worldkings) Did you know, for instance, that raw lima beans contain linamarin, a compound that, when consumed, decomposes into hydrogen cyanide. We don't need to tell you that cyanide is deadly, though the good news is that cooking them for 10 minutes renders the beans safe.

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    Top 5 places to visit in Vietnam


    (Worldkings) Vietnam is the perfect destination for a getaway, appealing to the backpacker and flashpacker alike. Full of colour and activity, Vietnam offers a whirlwind of great food, culture and natural wonders. Here’s our list of Vietnam’s top 5 must-see destinations:

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    Top 5 Fat Burning Super Foods!


    (Worldkings) Changing your diet can be difficult and frustrating. Especially if you're not sure which foods will provide the greatest boost to get your metabolism going. Here are 5 super foods that can help you reach your fat loss goals!

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    Top 5 most haunted places in the world


    (Worldkings) As children we have heard a lot many scary ghost stories. These haunted stories still scare us in our dreams. If this is not enough to digest then let us brief you about some best haunted places on earth that would really give you that real jolt. Drowse yourself in a pure hair raising experience on most haunted places in world.

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    5 world records set in the 30th Meeting of Vietnam Book of Records


    (Worldking) – In the evening of August 29th 2015, Vietnam Book of Records organized  the 30rd Meeting of Record Holders in Ho Chi  Minh city  with the jubilant  and solemn atmosphere, and in the meeting, the Vietnam Book of Records also confirm for the 5 new world records.

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    Vietnamese Records set at 30th Meeting of Records Holders.


    (Worldkings) The 30th Meeting of the Record Holders officially announced 28 Vietnamese Records, within them, 11 owned by the units and organizations and the rest 17 owned by individuals. These are the records set in many sectors such as collection, the book projects, intellectual property, portrait…etc

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    The journey to promote the gastronomic value around the world: Algerian Cuisine


    (Worldkings) Algerian cuisine differs slightly from region to region. Every region has its own cuisine, including Kabylie, Algiers and Constantine.

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    The journey to promote the gastronomic value around the world: Turkish Cuisine


    ( Worldkings) Turkish cuisine (Turkish: Türk mutfağı) is largely the heritage of Ottoman Cuisine, which can be described as a fusion and refinement of Central Asian, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Balkan cuisines.

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    The journey to promote the gastronomic value around the world: Philippines Cuisine


    (Worldkings) Philippine cuisine consists of the food, preparation methods and eating customs found in the Philippines. The style of cooking and the food associated with it have evolved over many centuries from its Austronesian origins to a mixed cuisine of Malay, Spanish, Chinese, and American as well as other Asian and Latin influences adapted to indigenous ingredients and the local palate

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    The journey to promote the gastronomic value around the world: German Cuisine


    (Worldkings) German cuisine has evolved as a national cuisine through centuries of social and political change with variations from region to region.

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