Amazing Facts about Austria


(Worldkings) Here’s some interesting facts about Austria that you may not know

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    10 Survival Myths Debunked For Your Adventurers


    (Worldkings) All those survival guides you’d read and all those documentaries you’d seen, must have told you everything you needed to know for survival situations, right? And you believe them, do you? Not anymore. Here we are going to debunk 10 survival myths that might just be the difference between life and death. Check them out.

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    Top 100 best destinations in the World No.45: Luxor- Egypt


    (Worldkings)Travelling to Luxor, the city was named as “outdoor museum city” always gives the unforgettable experiences to the travellers.

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    10 Most Historically Inaccurate Movies


    (Worldkings) Stories about real people, places and events tend to add an extra element of magic to a movie. Some directors seem to believe that their artistic license enables them to venture far beyond what could be reasonably defined as “historically accurate.” Audiences then proceed to consume these historically inaccurate movies under the incorrect assumption that these movies are completely true.But in reality, it's not!. Characters are added and removed, romantic interests are created, and moments are exaggerated or fabricated entirely! And sometimes they even change the dates entirely. Despite some truth bending and trickery, many of these films are widely beloved by fans, though they rarely prove to be very popular amongst historians

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    Top 100 best destinations in the World No.44: Agra- India


    When travelling to Agra, the tourists will have chance to visit Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, the symbol for the endless love that King Shah Jahan gave to his late wife.

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    20 Things That Look Absolutely Bizarre Under a Microscope


    (Worldkigns) Here are 20 beautiful and bizarre images of things seen under a microscope, guaranteed to melt your mind.

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    25 underground wonders of the world unearthed from the deepest and darkest corners of the world.


    (Worldkings) The capricious mother Earth does not display all her wares, some like diamond are hidden beneath our feet. Here are 25 Spectacular world’s underground wonders from around the globe!

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    Top 100 best destinations in the World No.43: Chichen Itza- Mexico


    (Worldkings)Chichen has many works made from rock and being in different preservative situation; this works were once temples, palaces, markets and ball courts.

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    10 Deadly Sports That Can Get You Killed


    (Worldkings) It goes without saying that sports is life threatening. Historically sports as an organised event were initiated to advance physical fitness, for development of human skills & for the leisurely entertainment of the royals and noblemen. In past (we are looking at you Gladiators) sports have taken many lives. In this list we are going to delve into 10 deadly sports that can end up sending you straight to hell (or heaven) if you dare to participate

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    Top 100 best destinations in the World No.42: Bora Bora- Tahiti


    (Worldkings)Known as a playground for the rich and famous, this beautiful island in French Polynesia offers white sandy beaches, lush tropical valleys and crystal-clear water.

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