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( The enormous field in Yaoxi is a staggering 1.08 km² and is world’s largest lotus field.

Guangchang County lies in the municipal region of Fuzhou, Jiangxi. It is the southernmost and most remote of Fuzhou's ten counties, being bordered by counties in Ganzhou to the south and west and, to the east and over the watershed and provincial border, by Jianning and Ninghua Counties, Sanming, Fujian. This county built in the Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing eight years (1138, Shaoxing is an era name of Gaozong), because the rich white lotus, known as "the hometown of Chinese White Lotus."

Guangchang is known as the "Hometown of White Lotus in China" because of its abundance of white lotus. Among them, the lotus in Yaoxi Village, southwest of Yiqian Town, is the most famous.

Yaoxi Village is located at the birthplace of Fuhe River, the second largest river in Jiangxi Province. The gurgling spring water from the Xuemuling Mountains merged in front of the village into the gentle Minjiang River (upstream of Fuhe River) for thousands of years. There is an iconic archway at the entrance of the village, and the "China Lotus First Village" above it is particularly eye-catching. The enormous field in Yaoxi is a staggering 1.08 km² and contains thousands of the beautiful lotus flowers. It is the first lotus village with the largest white lotus planting area and the most ornamental in the country.

After the first China White Lotus Festival was held in 1992, Guangchang County changed the name of the festival from "White Lotus Festival" to "Lotus Festival". It is also set for July each year. As of 2021, the Lotus Festival has been successfully held for sixteen times. The lotus festival is rich in content, with the theme of economy and trade and lotus eco-tourism, in the lotus culture, red culture, ancient color culture and other characteristic cultural exchanges, it fully demonstrates the charm of Guangchang.



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