[Worldkings] Top innovation events in the world (P. 184) AI pilot successfully flies unmanned XQ-58A Valkyrie drone (USA)


(Worldkings.org) The Air Force researched Laboratory managed to fly an XQ-58A Valkyrine aircraft under AI control.

Under the control of artificial intelligence (AI), the experimental XQ-58A Valkyrie managed to glide to the skies on July 25. According to the Air Force Research Laboratory (ARFL), the test took place at the Eglin Test and Training Complex in Florida. The experiment lasted for around three hours and the aircraft was seen flying thanks to the AI pilot.

The short test that ARFL conducted last week was made possible with the help of Skyborg Vanguard. The unmanned fighter drone successfully moved around with AI-controlled command.

The aircraft that's being tested under the United States Air Force's Low-Cost Attritable Strike Demonstrator (LCASD) program is the unmanned Kratos XQ-58 Valkyrie combat aerial vehicle (UCAV). The team created this drone to be a stealthy mini-jet as part of the project portfolio of the USAF Research Laboratory's Low-Cost Attritable Aircraft Technology (LCAAT).


"This sortie officially enables the ability to develop [artificial intelligence and machine learning] 'agents' that will execute modern air-to-air and air-to-surface skills that are immediately transferrable to the CCA program," Col. Tucker Hamilton, the chief of AI test and operations with the Air Force said.

The CCA program aims to produce combat-ready drones that can accompany humans with AI intervention. These aircraft also involve Loyal Wingmen, the human-controlled F-35 and F-22 aircraft.

As per the lab's commander Brig. Gen. Scott Cian, AI will be a future indicator of warfare that's why it's important to understand how the aircraft's operations run under AI control.


To keep pace with the growing AI adoption, the squad relies on Human-Machine Learning to discover more findings about the Valkyrie drone. This will also help their partners to study their coordinated tests.

With the combined use of simulation, modeling, and high-performance computing, AACO has taken the testing of the uncrewed vehicle to a new level on Friday, Aug. 4.

In conclusion, the recent test flight of the XQ-58A “Valkyrie” drone under AI control showcases the progress made in the development of unmanned fighter aircraft. Continued research and development in this field hold the potential to revolutionize military operations and enhance the capabilities and safety of human pilots in combat.


According to techtimes.com & ai2.news

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