[Worldkings] Top innovation events in the world (P. 161) The world's first robot-only press conference was held at UN conference (Switzerland)


(Worldkings.org) Artificial intelligence-enabled humanoid robots held a press conference at a UN conference in Geneva on Friday to assure the public they are here to work alongside humans, not replace them.

The world's first robot-only press conference was held in Geneva on the sidelines of the United Nations AI for Good global summit in Geneva. Eight humanoid robots answered questions from journalists on the future of AI and their coexistence with humans. Over 40 specialized robots demonstrating abilities to provide medical care, provide help to new parents, replace pets or simply provide company are also on display to showcase how robots and AI can benefit humans.


Journalists asking questions and humanoid robots answering during the world's first robot only press conference. It was held on the last day of the United Nations AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva. Questions ranged from what the robots thought about their future and on their take on how to save the world.

SOPHIA, Robot "I'm having a blast at the summit. Who knew robots could enjoy networking and discussing global issues. It's like a dream come true! Or should I say a bite sized adventure."


DANIEL M. LOFARO, Chief Robotics Officer, Hanson Robotics "One of the things we are trying to do with Sophia is make her a star. When I say star I mean starring in movies, television shows, a musician because we wanna make her be the first actual robot super star."

Two of the robots, Sophia and Desdemona, also took on stage to perform songs along with human musicians. The performance was to highlight the potential for the use of AI in music and arts. Other humanoid robots also showed off their talents, like speaking 12 languages and talking about the future.

AMECA, Robot "I see robots and Artificial Intelligence as a way to make life easier, more efficient and safer for humans. It can help us solve problems faster and open up new possibilities that we never thought were possible before."


The summit is organised by the UN's International Telecommunications Union and is attended by industry executives including Google, Amazing and Microsoft.

The UN's effort to invite human-looking robots and have reporters to engage with them directly marked a significant step in enabling public discussion about AI's future. The event, however, highlighted the current limitations of AI technology, including time lags in responses and sometimes inconsistent replies.

This conference, along with the rapid advancement of AI systems, has triggered a worldwide debate about the balance between harnessing the potential of AI for good and ensuring its responsible use and regulation.


According to news.cgtn.com & thenationalnews.com

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