[Worldkings] Top innovation events in the world (P. 135) Startup Migo robotics launches the world's first stair climbing robot vacuum (China)


(Worldkings.org) A Revolutionary Robot Vacuum that can climb and clean the stairs automatically. Multi-floor cleaning has never been so easy.

Most robot vacuums can only mop and polish floors by randomly crisscrossing a room and usually bounce away from the walls and stairs. Now, a company has created one that can climb stairs.

MIGO Robotics made this a reality with its new robot vacuum called the Ascender. The bot is eye-catching due to its "Transformers"-like appearance. What makes it noteworthy is that it can climb stairs and vacuum each step, which was never seen before in other robotic vacuums. 


MIGO Robotics is now revolutionizing the cleaning industry with the Ascender, claiming it is the first robot vacuum to go up and down the stairs. The company is not wrong in its claims because there are limited developments for robot vacuums, even if the market is oversaturated.

The Ascender looks like a regular Robovac with a rectangular body. However, its middle section can detach from its two legs with some wheels attached. This pair of legs hoists the bot's body up onto the step before lifting up those two legs and transforming back into what looks like an ordinary robot vacuum. The Ascender is then able to clean the step.


MIGO Robotics is now allowing preorders for the Ascender, and users who will pledge a $5 donation to its crowdfunding may avail of its special price of $999. That is a massive $400 discount from the robovac's original MSRP of $1,399, and this will be available for a limited time only.

For those looking to improve their robovac experience and want their flights of stairs also clean, this is a good opportunity to upgrade your cleaning device.


According to techtimes.com

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