[Worldkings] Top innovation events in the world (P. 110) Australian studio Snoop presents "world's first AI designer" at Milan design week


(Worldkings.org) Australian firm Studio Snoop has unveiled Tilly Talbot, a designer powered by artificial intelligence, at Milan design week.

According to Sydney-based Studio Snoop, Tilly is the "world's first AI designer". She was presented at the Charles Philip gallery space in Milan during the city's design week as a female human-like digital figure on a large screen.

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The digital figure appeared in a video format reciting an introduction with an "AI" watermark next to her face, which the studio said was important to clarify that "Tilly is not human but is artificial intelligence (AI) and part of our community".

Tilly was designed by Studio Snoop founder Amanda Talbot, who was prompted to create the "designer" after her research led her to explore the relationship between human loneliness and AI.

"I started to come across this idea of how loneliness can lead people to tap into artificial intelligence, and how that can actually help people not feel lonely," the studio founder told Dezeen in Milan.

Amanda Talbot explained that at Studio Snoop, Tilly works under the position of "innovation designer" and collaborates with the human members of the team to conceive design objects.

Alongside the screen that showed Tilly's face, the gallery space also included photographs of five product designs that the AI designer played a part in creating. The five designs form a collection called Bauhau-AI, which takes cues from the original principles of the Bauhaus, and includes an organically shaped mycelium stool in a neutral hue and a colourful hempcrete communal table.

Photo: dezeen

Positioned underneath each photograph, tablets offered visitors the opportunity to type questions to Tilly directly and pitch her suggestions on how to improve the designs, which Studio Snoop has now adapted with the feedback it received during the design week.

"Most people were wanting to ask Tilly more about Tilly, their future in creative industries and the future of design and were wanting to know more about living materials," reflected Amanda Talbot after the design week.

The studio founder said that working with rather than against AI is Studio Snoop's focus, given the technology's ever-increasing global presence, especially in the workplace.

"[Tilly is] actually this incredible new tool that has invigorated my studio – I've never seen the studio with so much energy," she added.


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