[Worldkings] Top influential young talents in the world (P. 47) Haaziq Kazi (2006, India): Genius inventor behind the smart ocean cleaning ship


(Worldkings.org) ERVIS is an intelligent ship which has been designed by Haaziq Kazi to capture waste and clean the oceans. The ship is a large boat with various compartments and saucers surrounding the ships.

Haaziq Kazi (Born April 8, 2006) is a 17-year-old Indian inventor and speaker. Haaziq is the person who designed the prototype of a ship to clean plastic waste in the ocean. He was widely covered by media for being a young innovator and titled a 'child prodigy' by many.



Kazi's concern about ocean began in Class IV when he watched a few documentaries regarding the plastic waste crisis and how it was impacting the planet's marine ecosystem and oceans. At 12, he designed a prototype of a ship that would help clean the ocean and named it ERVIS.



ERVIS is a large vessel in the ocean with multiple saucers attached to it. As Haaziq describes, "the ship is essentially a large boat powered by hydrogen and renewable natural gas with various compartments and saucers surrounding it". The saucers, float on the surface gravitate to create a whirlpool to pull the waste towards its center. These saucers will have a central outlet which will swallow the waste and is connected via a tube to various chambers in the ship. These chambers include an oil chamber which collects waste oil. There are four more chambers which are for large, medium, small & micro waste respectively.



Since designing the ERVIS prototype, while he was in school in Pune, Kazi has gone on to become a TED-Ed and TedX speaker and also started the ERVIS Foundation. The foundation helps educate and spread awareness about the threats the marine ecosystem faces and also provides youngsters with a platform to express their environmental ideas as well as concerns. It hosts numerous workshops, including short-term education initiatives in schools to help make children aware of the threats the marine ecosystem faces.


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