[Worldkings] Top Influential Young Talents in the World (P. 40) Vidhi Karva (2011, India): The world's youngest fashion designer


(Kyluc.vn - Worldkings.org) Born in 2011, Vidhi Karva is currently the youngest fashion designer in the world.

The current world's youngest fashion designer is Vidhi Karva, a 12-year-old girl from Pune City, India. She started designing clothes at the age of 6 and has already created her own fashion label, " Vidhi Karva Couture." Her designs have been featured in several fashion magazines and she has even won a few awards.



Vidhi is a very talented and creative girl. She is inspired by her surroundings and loves to use bright colors and patterns in her designs. This young artist was inspired by her mother in the creation of her first collection. In fact, Vidhi’s mom used to create pretty dresses for her daughter when she was young. That’s how Vidhi decided she wanted to pursue a career in fashion design. While her mom still helps her in the realization of her clothes, Vidhi is now fully responsible for all the ideas.

In 2020, 9-year-old Vidhi Karva made footprints all over the world by introducing her couture collection at the famous Dubai World Fashion Week. Vidhi’s collection was part of the International Kids/Teens Fashion Runway organized by Vivz Fashion School, and a part of the grand finale in the talent round of Dubai World Fashion Week.

At the event, Karva sent out a collection of eveningwear that focused on shimmer and volume in jewel tones. The designer even walked the runway with one of her models, showing off one of her own designs. Also at this Week, Karva was introduced by event organisers Vivz Fashion School as the "youngest fashion designer in the world".



The event was Karva's debut as a designer, and the launch of her label, Vidha Karva Couture. Buoyed by the positive response, the girl now has her sights set wider afield. "It was a big turning point for me and I received great feedback. Now, I will start to work on my next collection, and am excited to take the line to London and Milan as well," Karva says.

The young designer said she is now ready to showcase her collections at other big fashion hubs like London and Milan. Her aim is to promote sustainable Indian fabrics through her design.



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