[Worldkings] Top influential young talents in the world (P. 38) Ryan Wang (2008, Canada): Music prodigy with innate piano playing talent


(Worldkings.org) Ryan Wang is a Canadian pianist, who was widely noted for his extraordinary talent as a child.

Ryan Wang (2008) is a Canadian pianist. He has performed at Carnegie Hall and was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


Ryan Wang started playing piano at the age of 4 and has been a student of Professor Lee Kum Sing at the Vancouver Academy of Music since September 2014. Ryan has won top honors and scholarships in numerous Canadian and international piano competitions and has performed at Carnegie Hall (New York), on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, for the CBC, at Yundi Li’s 2014 New Year’s Concert in Beijing. Ryan was invited to perform as part of the cultural component of Canada’s participation in the APEC Summit in Beijing, 2014, and at a private concert at the Canadian Prime Minister’s home.

From 2015 to 2019, Wang participated in the Casalmaggiore International Music Festival in Italy where he gave solo recitals and performed concertos with the Festival Orchestra. Currently only 15 years old, the boy has been able to perform solo in many countries around the world including Italy, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, USA, Poland and the UK.


Ryan has also participated in many fundraising concerts to support the Sarah McLachlan School of Music, Vancouver hospitals and social programs, and elementary schools in China in need of funding for their music programs. Ryan is a big fan of sports, also enjoys reading and traveling. Ryan is currently studying on a music scholarship at Eton College in the UK.

Ryan Wang is a rising star in the classical music world. Ryan has received many noble awards despite his relatively young age; awards include: first place in the 2014 Canadian Music Competition, the winner of an Emerging Artist Grant from Vancouver Academy of Music 2017, Gabora Award 2017, Audience Favorite Award of Best Musician in 2019, and more.


According to Wikipedia & ryanwangpiano.com

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