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(Worldkings.org) Zuriel Elise Oduwole is a filmmaker most recognized for her work advocating for girls' education in Africa. She is known as the youngest filmmaker in the world.

Zuriel Elise Oduwole is an American education advocate and film maker best known for her works on the advocacy for the education of girls in Africa. Her advocacy has since made her in the summer of 2013 at the age of 10, the youngest person to be profiled by Forbes.


Zuriel Oduwole was born in Los Angeles, California in July 2002. Her first venture into media and advocacy was in 2012 when she entered a school competition with a documentary film about Africa titled The Ghana Revolution. For this she conducted her first presidential interviews, when she met with two former presidents of Ghana: Jerry Rawlings and John Kufuor.

In 2013, after the release of her documentary film titled The 1963 OAU Formation, Zuriel Oduwole was profiled in Forbes Magazine. As part of this second documentary, she interviewed the President of Malawi (Joyce Banda), the President of Tanzania (Jakaya Kikwete) and the President of Mauritius (Rakeshwar Purryag). In March 2013, Oduwole formally started a project called "Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up", a campaign which was first launched at the Lagos Business School's Pan-Atlantic University, for the advocacy and promotion of girl-child education in Africa.


In 2014 at age 12, her self-produced documentary film titled A Promising Africa was screened in five countries. On 21 April 2014, Oduwole was listed as the most Powerful 11 year old in the world by New York Business Insider's in their listing of "World's Most Powerful Person at Every Age". In November 2014, Zuriel became the world's youngest filmmaker to have a self-produced and self-edited work screened, after her film showed in two movie chains, and then went on to show in Ghana, England, South Africa, and Japan.

In February 2015, Elle Magazine listed her in their annual feature of 33 Women Who Changed The World, alongside Fed Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen and President of General Motors, Mary Barra. Oduwole has met with 31 presidents and prime ministers in line with her education advocacy and various global socio-development work. She has also appeared in popular television stations including CNBC, Bloomberg TV, BBC and CNN.


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