[Worldkings] Top influential young talents in the world (P. 10) Ryan Kaji (2011, USA): One of the highest-paid YouTubers in the world


(Worldkings.org) Ryan Kaji is an American YouTube star. The boy became famous after posting videos related to children's toys on YouTube.

Ryan Kaji (also known as Ryan Guan) is American YouTuber. He is famous for his YouTube channel Ryan’s World, formerly known as Ryan’s Toys Review which was started by his parents. He is a child YouTuber who makes toy review videos on various toys such as Playdoh, Car, Trails and more. The verge has described the channel as a mash up of personal vlogs, unboxing and innocent childhood antics. Ryan’s videos often feature his mother, father and twins sisters.


Ryan Guan was born on October 6, 2011 in Texas, USA to Loann Kaji and Shion Guan. He has twin sisters named Emma and Kate. Ryan is of mixed ethnicity of a Vietnamese mother and a Japanese father. Ryan began making YouTube videos in 2015 when he was just four years old. His channel initially called as Ryan’s Toys Review helped him gain fame with his toy unboxing videos. Ryan along with his family runs nine YouTube Channels.

The channel has grown from toys review to more informative content over the years. Ryan shares a mix of fun and educational videos like DIY science experiments and clips of him taking part in various challenges, sometimes with his sisters. As of January 2023, the channel has over 34 million subscribers and over 45 billion views. The channel is one of the Top 10 most-subscribed YouTube channels in the United States.

American Youtuber Ryan Kaji aka Ryan’s World has a net worth of $70 million and his estimated annual income is $27 million to $30 million. According to Forbes, he makes $27 million in the year 2022 and has ranked no.7 in the “Highest-Paid Youtube Stars-2022”.


Ryan Kaji’s monthly salary is $2.25 million to $2.50 million and according to video views, he makes around $983,700 to $1.19 million from his Youtube channels. He gets more than 288 million views per month on his self-titled Youtube channel.

Ryan's success has led to various business opportunities and partnerships, including a line of toys sold at Walmart, Target, and Amazon, as well as a show on Nickelodeon called "Ryan's Mystery Playdate." He has also used his platform to support various charitable causes, including donating proceeds from his merchandise sales to organizations such as the Texas Children's Hospital and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


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