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(Worldkings.org) “The Patent” is an international magazine born in the era of the digital revolution, in the context of innovation, with the specific task of informing and disseminating inventions and industrial patents.

The Patent Invention Magazine is the newspaper dedicated to inventions and innovation, international magazine publisher Creatiwa Studio S.r.l.s. (Italian Marketing and Communication Company).

“The Patent” is a monthly publication in both digital and paper format, with the best innovations from over 160 countries around the world. It is a media partner of the major world events dedicated to it: from the CES in Las Vegas to the Global Grad Show in Dubai, from the Bixpo in Korea to the Geneva Exhibition of Inventions and the Maker Faire in Tokyo, Rome and Prague.

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The passion for innovation is the fundamental value of an editorial staff that lives in the era of the digital revolution, in a continuous technological progress, with the specific aim of enhancing through patents and new ideas the brilliant minds, discoveries, startups and innovative business realities.

A team of journalists who in collaboration with scientists, engineers, computer scientists, lawyers, inventors, investors, aims to increase the information landscape through innovation, in each issue interviews to inventors, hundreds of images including designs, models and prototypes, 22 columns dedicated: Patented systems, stories of young phenomena, in-depth studies of technology, scientific research, environmental sustainability, a futuristic path among the best ideas with brilliant minds.

The magazine is a careful and documented selection of inventions from all over the world, in laboratories where you experiment, invent, discover formulas, design machines, create prototypes, objects and devices that aim to improve life.

“The Patent Invention Magazine” is the international newspaper to travel into the future, with the brightest ideas ever, because behind every great invention there is “The Patent”.


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