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(Worldkings.org) Behind every great idea is a community. From researchers to developers, labs to field hospitals, millions of people around the world are dedicated to investing in and delivering better healthcare.

Interpat was originally set up in the 1960s, focused on senior IP professionals offering advice on intellectual property to the management of member companies. Since then, Interpat has become a biopharmaceutical Intellectual Property think tank.

Interpat's role is to work in partnership with its members, governments, intergovernmental bodies, non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations and others to share its experience and expertise on how to achieve a vibrant innovation ecosystem.

Interpat is unique amongst biopharmaceutical industry associations in that its Representatives are senior IP or patent counsel. These Representatives have extensive experience as both practising attorneys and senior managers, so Interpat continually delivering expert, informed opinion and advice.

Innovation must be stimulated and nurtured – and that’s the job of policymakers in this field. Providing the best environment and incentives for technology, science and communication research will deliver long-term benefit to patients now and in the future – wherever they are.

Interpat shares knowledge, expertise, good practice and industry experience to promote biopharmaceutical innovation. It also monitors and reviews IP legislation and enforcement and have established working groups that focus on relevant topics across Latin America, China, India and Greater Asia, as well as the Convention on Biological Diversity. This work, combined with its varied membership, means Interpat has a birds-eye view across the industry, and the ability to usefully advise and help all those involved.


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