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(Worldkings.org) For over 30 years, Davison Inventions has driven the customer experience by merging art and technology into a proven process that assists aspiring and seasoned inventors in transforming their ideas from a concept to a product sample ready for presentation.

Davison Inventions, formerly Davison & Associates is a product development company. The company is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was founded in 1989 by George Davison.

As a fledgling inventor, the founder, George Davison struggled to navigate the waters of introducing a product to the market. Spending thousands of dollars and many years during the process, he was beaten to market by a large corporation that had the knowledge and resources to produce the products under one roof. As a result, Davison decided that he would innovate the process of inventing. Then, Davison was founded out of necessity to find a better way to invent.


Davison provides new product development services to inventors, corporations and entrepreneurs using a nine-step process intended to bring new products and inventions to market. Davison services include research, industrial design, virtual reality, video, animation, product prototypes, packaging, presentation to manufacturers and royalty management. Davison uses its exclusive inventing method to take idea for a new product and prepare it for presentation to corporations for possible licensing.

Davison’s product development service is extremely thorough, and it will be working with the inventors every step along the way. Davison do everything from product related data and patent research to designing, developing, and building working prototypes and product samples. Davison target corporations and even design packaging for product. This process can be fun yet challenging, and this is why Davison have a team of professionals and a state of the art facility to develop inventor’s idea.

Davison has more than 130 employees and has been in business for over 30 years with two locations in Pennsylvania and one in Florida. Davison says that it produces approximately 200 prototypes per month, and its products have been sold in 1,000 retail stores and online venues.

The firm has received several International Design Excellence Awards from the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), formerly sponsored by I.D. Magazine and BusinessWeek, now sponsored by the Annual Design Review. In 2007, Davison received an honorable mention in I.D. Magazine's 2007 design review competition.


According to Wikipedia & davison.com

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