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(Worldkings.org) The mission of IIPCIC is to educate global law enforcement and stakeholder groups to effectively combat transnational IP crime.

IIPCIC (International IP Crime Investigators College) is a fully interactive online IP crime training platform providing intellectual property (IP) crime courses and is operated between INTERPOL and UL Standards & Engagement. The College serves the needs of all key international partners and stakeholders joined in the fight against IP Crime. The intellectual property (IP) crime courses are offered in the four INTERPOL official languages of Arabic, English, French and Spanish, as well as Mandarin and Portuguese.


IIPCIC is mandated to develop, coordinate and administer training programs to support international efforts to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute transnational organized IP crime. The College serves the needs of all key international partners and stakeholders joined in the fight against IP crime.

Over 170 countries have visited the IIPCIC site since its launch and representatives from over 1000 law enforcement agencies have enrolled in the training.

IIPCIC training is specifically designed to provide investigators with the necessary skills in IP crime prevention, detection and investigation. Integrated training and operations are the central themes of all INTERPOL Illicit Goods and Global Health Programme strategies. Successful students will be able to demonstrate with their certificate that they have successfully completed an INTERPOL recognized course of professional studies on the investigation of transnational and organized intellectual property (IP) crime.


On successful completion of the training, students may download an IIPCIC Certificate, endorsed by INTERPOL, which provides IP crime professionals with evidence of specialist awareness and learning on the subject of transnational organized IP crime.


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