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(Worldkings.org) Invention Patent Drawings is a leading patent drawing service provider company in the United States. They provide top-quality design patent, utility patent drawings, and patent illustrations faster at an unbeatable price.

Invention Patent Drawings is a small company based in the US. They provide top-quality patent drawings and illustrations to patent attorneys, inventors, and corporations, anywhere in the world, but especially in the US and Europe. They pride ourselves on providing high quality at a reasonable cost with excellent customer service.


Their team of highly skilled and experienced patent illustrators have prepared over 15,000+ patent drawings and illustrations, mostly for the USPTO and PCT. Their team lead and QA head have over 14 years of experience doing patent drawings.

Their team has experience in all types of patent drawings and illustrations in fields including mechanical, electrical, civil, electronics, and biological. They handle highly complex mechanical drawings, flow charts, graphs, and biotechnological drawings.


Their highly trained patent illustrators can make the difference between an average patent application and an outstanding one.  Every drawing goes through a rigorous quality control process to make sure they are accurate and in compliance with all relevant patent office specifications.


According to invention-patent-drawings.com

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