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(Worldkings.org) IIFME is the largest specialized exhibition of inventions and innovations in the Middle East and deemed the second most significant international exhibition in the world.

The International Invention Fair of the Middle East (IIFME) has a well-established tradition; the first of which was held in 2007, and since then, IIFME has been raising the bar higher; and today IIFME is one of the largest specialized invention fairs in the Middle East, and it is deemed as the second most significant fair worldwide.


IIFME is focused on the recent advanced inventions and technologies in the following fields; for example, mechanical and industrial tools, computer science, civil engineering construction, electronics, agriculture and gardening, teaching methods, aviation, motor vehicles, alternative energy, medicine and many more.

With the collaboration of the International Exhibition of Geneva it is also an opportunity to reveal the culture of invention and innovation to the population at large and strengthens the existing relationships among the inventors, companies, corporations and investors worldwide.

The achievements of the previous IIFME are proof of the significance of the desired message to be delivered via the fair. With the participation of more than 39 countries from all around the globe and an estimated attendance of more than 15,000; showing clearly the international interest and awareness.

Having organized 12 fairs successfully is a reflection of the achievements of the Kuwait Science Club and the sponsoring authorities for the exhibition. It is a great time to promote inventions and innovations, foster interest, appreciate the ideas and make an investment in the ideas, inventions and people.

The IIFME, which is organized by the Kuwait Science Club, represents a significant aspect of the achievements implemented by private sector sponsors and the governmental sponsoring authorities. It is a solid platform to invest in people, promote inventions, increase local and international interest, appreciate inventions and turn them into projects.


The IIFME objectives:

1. Attracting the highest quality of inventions from all over the world to participate and socialize in this exhibition.

2. Providing the appropriate atmosphere to the inventors to show their ideas and products.

3. Strengthening and nourishing existing cooperation among the investors and inventors.

4. Establishing an invention culture in the Arab countries; empowering and motivating the Arab scientific community.

The inventor will be provided with standard booth space size (2 x 2) m2, along with table, chair and electricity points. Inventors are free to utilize booth space as they wish. A prototype must be brought into the exhibition for people to see. It is necessary for the judging committee to see a prototype. In addition, inventors are encouraged to bring videos or posters of their invention.


According to ifia.com & iifme.com

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