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(Worldkings.org) IPOfferings is the ONLY patent brokerage firm that designs, develops and executes a comprehensive marketing campaign for each patent or portfolio they represent.

IPOfferings LLC is a leading patent broker and IP consulting services firm. IPOfferings assists patent holders -- inventors, businesses of all sizes, universities, venture capital and private equity firms, and other innovators -- in the monetization of their intellectual property. This can include the sale, licensing, joint venturing or other monetization of their intellectual assets -- primarily patents -- but also trademarks and service marks, copyrights, trade secrets, and technology and know-how.


IPOfferings represent patentees in the monetization of their patents on a 100% contingency basis. They take no payment on the front end, but are paid a Success Fee on the back end that is based on the revenue they generate for their client.

IPOfferings publishes a monthly newsletter, IP Marketplace™, that highlights the newest patents that are available for acquisition, and includes patent-related news in its Patent Leather feature. A free subscription to IP Marketplace can be ordered at their website.


IPOfferings publishes the Patent Value Quotient™, an annual report on patent transactions that divides the number of granted U.S. Patents by the total dollar value of the transaction to compute the "Quotient:" The Average Price Paid Per Patent. They categorize each transaction by technology, so the Patent Value Quotient is a valuable tool for establishing patent value. The Patent Value Quotient is provided to the business and IP communities as a free service by IPOfferings, and can be downloaded from their website.

For businesses seeking to acquire patents and other intellectual property, IPOfferings provides a totally discreet and confidential acquisition service.

IP MarketPlace and Patent Value Quotient are trademarks of IPOfferings LLC.


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