[Worldkings] Top ideas organizations in the world (P. 49) IDEA League (Netherlands): An alliance of ideas among Europe's top five technology institutes


(Worldkings.org) The IDEA League brings together the strengths of five of Europe's leading science and technology universities to create unique opportunities to connect, inspire and innovate.

IDEA League is a strategic alliance between five leading European universities of science and technology including Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden), Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), ETH Zurich (Switzerland), Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy), and RWTH Aachen University (Germany) with the belief that it will have the power to shape the future.

By joining forces, the organization will create valuable connections that inspire innovation and the pursuit of ambitious goals. Each member of the IDEA League strategic alliance is an internationally renowned, research-oriented university and is the largest producer of science and engineering graduates in its own country.

In this rapidly changing world where technology is the driving force, the organization aims to stimulate the development of future-proof technologies that tackle societal challenges in a responsible way. These challenges transcend borders and can’t be solved by a single institution in a single country. That’s why IDEA League believes that cross-border collaboration is the key that sparks creative thinking and new ideas, driving innovation and progress.


IDEA League brings people and ideas together to tackle challenges in education, research and innovation. By capitalising on its cross-border partnerships and promoting bottom-up collaboration, it provides the environment for students, researchers and staff at its partner universities to share a collective wealth of knowledge, experience and resources.

And IDEA League makes this all happen through a variety of exciting programmes, funding opportunities and working groups. By doing so, it aims to connect and inspire a new generation of European science and technology graduates, champion innovation and entrepreneurship and steer Europe towards a more competitive and compassionate future.


According to idealeague.org

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