[Worldkings] Top ideas organizations in the world (P. 46) Ideas for Peace (Costa Rica): The center for connecting peace-building ideas globally


(Worldkings.org) Ideas for Peace is a University for Peace’s initiative to publish peace-building ideas on a global scale. The authors of the foundation come from different countries and fields.

This innovative initiative, designed by the University for Peace (UPEACE), aims to share ideas that contribute to peacebuilding on a global scale. In this multi-media platform, you will find publications from authors from different countries and backgrounds currently working on matters related to peace and conflict – including field workers – who want to reflect on their experiences, share new approaches to conflict resolution, discuss their practical experiences, and connect with like-minded people.

At UPEACE, there is a belief that every voice matters, and are eager to take advantage of all the digital means currently available to transmit ideas worth pondering. On this platform, you will find articles, book reviews, photo-essays, podcasts and videos that cover topics related, but not limited, to:

  1. Peace and Conflict Studies
  2. International Law
  3. Human Rights
  4. Sustainable Development
  5. Gender Studies
  6. Media and Peacebuilding
  7. International Relations and Cooperation
  8. Diplomacy
  9. Peace Education
  10. Environment and Development
  11. Responsible Management
  12. Mediation and Conflict Resolution


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